Read John 3:16-18

The Christmas of movies, songs, and childhood dreams really doesn’t exist. The truth about Santa Claus is the truth about Christmas as well. It’s pretend. It’s not real. Chestnuts and reindeer and lawn decorations that only look good at night – it’s all a shiny figment of our collective imagination. But, as figments go, it’s a sweet one. And the joy and closeness that many experience through it is as real as it gets. So, there’s no need to heap abuse on or focus our attention against the pretend parts of Christmas, so long as we don’t elevate them in any way over the timeless, unassailable truth of the gospel and birth of our only Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Draw a thick line between the pretend and the real at Christmas. Be free to enjoy the best of the pretend like you would candy, but don’t fail to partake of the truly best, the real – a baby born to die rejected by the world so that you could live forever accepted by God – like you would a meal. Sample the pretend that’s worth sampling in moderation. Do this only to whet your appetite for the real. Then, eat the real and be truly fed. Be truly satisfied only with Jesus Christ.

Lord God, You only are the gift and the giver worthy of exuberant celebration. Help me not lose sight of the truth of the gospel at Christmas. Only this truth will set me free. Only this truth will quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger of my soul. Thank you for eternal life in Christ Jesus.

One Reply to “Pretend”

  1. This is an interesting topic…’pretend’… Decembers I reflect about the past year and remember the New Year’s resolutions that I made in the bright start of the New Year … and more than likely I have the same New Year’s resolutions year after year… some years the priorities are a bit different but there they are… health/finances/career/relationships etc.

    How many times have I gone to parties and ‘pretend’ that I am happy… while in Al-anon I heard …fake it til you make it… OR pretend… didn’t always work for me when I was in so much pain… but eventually it did…

    The only true thing is that GOD loves me and HE doesn’t pretend… and that I can hold in my heart.

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