Read Luke 2:13-14, Philippians 4:7

Peace is not what the world thinks it is. Peace is not the end of war or the thing that happens when people who don’t like each other suddenly get along. Peace is not an outcome at all. It is a source. Before any war ends there has to be peace. Someone has to accept something they didn’t before. Someone has to surrender. Before I’m nice to my enemy, I need peace. I have to get it before I can give it. I get it from Jesus. The angels remind me that peace is Christ’s Christmas gift to me every morning. And few gifts are better for “regifting” than peace. It’s a gift I get more of when I give it away. Let there be peace on earth!

Lord, the peace You offer is what I need more than anything else in my life. Before I look for it anywhere else, before I seek it from any counterfeit sources, let me get it from being connected to You, Lord Jesus, by faith. Then I have something I can give others.

4 Replies to “Peace”

  1. Peace to me is a mixture of forgiveness, acceptance and love… and I know that I get that from Jesus… when I walk with Him knowing that His plan is better than what I can ever imagine… I am at peace; it’s when I want to control everything that I bring chaos into my heart and thoughts; boy I wish I remember when I turn everything to Him and leave it at His feet to leave it there…instead of taking it back and putting it back on my shoulders and in my heart…

  2. It’s true..
    Jesus is our peace,
    Ephesians 2:14.
    It’s not the world’s-version..
    upside down broken cross in a circle
    It’s straight side up, middle part, reaching down to weary,
    Languishing mankind,
    arms parallel with the Earth.
    Those, the steps to -peace with God.

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