A Different Kind of Baby Shower

Read Luke 2:8-12,15-16, Matthew 2:1-11

Imagine a (weeks long) baby shower that only men are invited to. Imagine that these men are total strangers. They are outcasts (shepherds) and foreigners (wise men). No one related to the baby has ever seen them before. Imagine that these strange men not only look strange, but some of them smell strange too (shepherds). And imagine that one of these strange men even brought the equivalent of embalming fluid (myrrh) for the new baby – someday the kid will die and need it and maybe it was on sale. Who knows? Maybe this is why there aren’t many men invited to baby showers these days. Bad gifts and bad smells don’t fit the occasion. Nowadays, baby showers, and Christmas for that matter, are all about good gifts and good smells. Everything is clean, bright, and wonderful. So, maybe some strange men need to get hold of Christmas again and restore its original essence. Maybe we’ve had enough of the holly and the ivy. Maybe its time to bring back the stink of sheep urine on nearly bare feet, the alien sounds of never-heard-before foreign languages, and so many other details from the Biblical account that will remind us of what that first Christmas was really like.

Lord, I really don’t want my Christmas to “stink,” but I do want to know my Lord who entered into the stink of this world for me. Help me look beyond the decorations of the holiday to see the humiliation of Christ that the holiday is based on. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Your Word which reveals the truth about Jesus to me.

2 Replies to “A Different Kind of Baby Shower”

  1. Well that’s a fresh start to the Advent season.

    I’m glad His work to set us free did not depend on me.
    Yuk was done on Calvary.
    Now blessed with what I could not do.
    He keeps me free form all do-do.

    The price for me was costly and I am grateful I belong to Him.

  2. Like many baby showers, Christmas is no different… GIFTS…Having spent so many Christmases with little or no money for ‘gifts’, this year will be different. They may not be monetary…The best ‘gift’ is His birth; another gift is spending the ‘time’ with family and treasuring those moments. With aging parents, a sister with a health scare, kids living in different states; the ‘gifts’ of time and love and being together will be wrapped under the tree… and remembering the real reason for Christmas… His birth!

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