Advent 2014

Hi. I’ve had this blog site ready to go for over a year! I’m finally taking it out of the garage for Advent 2014. I’ll be posting entries from all my past Advent devotionals, especially those I put online in 2010. I had only 4 followers for that year, so nearly everything I post from that year will be fresh for anyone who stops by. I’ve written about 4 different Advent devotionals over the last 16 years as pastor of Goodwill Church, and they hold a special place in my own walk. For me, Advent is one of those times of the church year when meaning has to be hunted down and captured. Once in hand, it yields real spiritual treasure. Advent 2014 officially begins on Sunday, November 30th. I may post before then, but from November 30th to December 24th our focus will be on Christ’s arrival or advent. It happened in history. It happens in us as we make our way through history with Him.

I also plan to continue posting after Advent and into 2015 and beyond. I will work to make this site fully functional, helping you connect with any and all resources from Goodwill Church or our various radio programs, especially Keep Your Eyes on the Road. I will value all feedback regarding this.

I really hope you decide to follow me on this blog; my prayer as a pastor and a friend is that God will supply much to you through our time together. He’s good like that, isn’t He?

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